Oh how good it is to dress up in hand-crafted ethical jewellery! 

The price tag does not decide the class and elegance in a woman's attire nowadays. How the woman wears the dress, how has she adorned herself with jewellery and the moral values of a genuine lady matters more than a mere price tag. This is where the Edge of Ember( most on trend jewellery ) comes to mind, which is a London based collective of contemporary jewellery designers who resort to the traditional expertise of the artist of the humble regions of the world.

The ideologies that emerge in the heart of Europe is then inspire the modest artists of the developing communities of the world. These traditional artists blend their passed-down traditional techniques with the modern designs and handcraft this jewellery in palladium, recycled brass, 18K gold and rose gold metals. The humility that is most admired in the world is a highly-valued ingredient used in the process adopted by Edge of Ember.

The Edge of Ember( click here ) does not resort to mass-production or the unfair provision of wages to these employees. These encouraging and inspiring actions of the process of production of the jewellery that you would love to adorn yourself with, is what makes the production process of Edge of Ember Sustainable of nature.

These employees that reside in the under-privileged corners in the world are encouraged to find their own way of life in the only ways they know how. This elegant and charming jewellery that would decorate your physiques and soothe your conscience is what reflect as a token of appreciation of the work of these astonishingly talented artists.

These artists express themselves in their work with an assemblage of fine jewellery paved with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli. With just the right amount of sophistication and more of elegance that is never enough for a girl, the sleek, and lustrous metallic surfaces embedded with simplistic modern pearls and semi-precious stones of Edge of Ember will just sweep you off your feet!

The cool geometric shapes of the Chevron Arrows Statement Ring with intricate artwork and innovative design, The Myla Arrows King that is the radiant openwork stacked ring, and the Kiri Studs Ring an openwork ring that is the perfect blend to look gorgeous and updated with the vogue!

Trio Lapis and Marble Collar , the sleek collar necklaces studded with Lapis Lazuli and the flattering Lapis Lazuli and Marbled Resin embedded on an 18k gold-plated bar bracelet will pair up to bring out the class in you with just a hint of a modern update!

The iconic Crescent Pearl Earrings and the Satori Square Pearl Gold and Silver earrings that embellish you with freshwater pearls nesting on the sleek lustrous metal will bring you sophistication and fine serenity a woman of an expressive fashion sense would love be charmed with.

Dress like the elegant and classy woman you are with what you love at Edge of Ember, help out a fellow human being in need since the elegance of your heart is always worn on your sleeve!